What’s so special about Taimus? Why should I vote for Taimus? Who is 12803272_182850648753433_139981970345264999_nTaimus anyway?

Taimus is committed to improving Tuggeranong. It’s a great place to live and he wants to ensure that it gets better and remains that way for the sake of his children, and all the other kids in Tuggeranong. He’s optimistic about the future of Tuggeranong and is keen to hear what matters to the people of Tuggeranong. For this reason, he’s pledging to give his personal mobile number to everyone who commits to voting for him in the October election. He genuinely wants to hear what you’ve got to say.

What sort of a name is Taimus for goodness sake?

Before Taimus was born, his mum read the book The Far Pavilions. There was a character in it called Taimus, who was an Afghan prince from Kabul. Taimus was described as “a first-rate fellow with guts enough for six” and he saved the lives of some British soldiers in the book. So our Taimus’ mum named her son after this “first-rate fellow”.

What is the benefit of the tram to Tuggeranong?

At the moment, the tram is only going to Gungahlin, but it has to start somewhere and Gungahlin’s transport problems are far worse than Tuggeranong’s. When the Gungahlin to Civic line is complete, the government will start to look at the next stages. Civic to Woden is the logical next phase, then Woden to Tuggeranong. That’s why it’s important that the voices of Tuggeranong people are heard when the route of the tram is considered. Some like Athllon Drive and others like Erindale Drive. Do you have a preference?

What’s happening with the duplication of Ashley Drive?

The first works relating to the duplication of Ashley Drive began on 16th March. Construction began on a noise wall to protect the residents of Monash and a pedestrian bridge over Monks Creek to connect Richardson and Isabella Plains. The whole duplication will be completed by next year.

How can I get involved with the campaign?

Head over to our volunteer page here to sign up to be a volunteer. For more information, please get in touch. Contact details can be found here.

















Authorised by Taimus Werner-Gibbings for ACT Labor