That’s right folks, this campaign train is free to ride. It goes hand in hand with freedom of speech and freedom of political association.

Called ‘coreflutes’ in Australia, we need as many of these as possible standing proudly in people’s front yards in Tuggeranong . Get on board – order or make your own today!


If you live in Tuggeranong we are literally giving them away. Send us an email at or with your name, address, how many copies you would like and your selection of design (see choices below) and we will get them to you pronto.


Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the valley yard signs will cost $10 as they cost us $5 to print plus postage. Make a donation at then send an email to or saying which yard-signs you would like and how much you have donated. They are difficult to post so it might be easier to pick them up. Alternatively we’ve attached a handy A4 size pdf you can print out for yourself, absolutely free, to display.

ENERGY yard-sign BW smile proper Good (1).compressed (1)










INTEGRITY yard-sign Taimus Bama Red Date (1)

Taimus Bama Red Date









ABILITY yard-sign Capability Flute










BIG RED yard-sign Big Red One (5)

Big Red One







BIG WHITE yard-sign Big White One (5)

Big White One







SELFIE yard-sign selfie flute 2 (1)

selfie flute 2











How good are they?

You are welcome to one for $30 (they cost us $20).

Make a $25 donation and add $5 for p&h at then send us an email to or with your name, address, how much you have donated, which colour you want and which size you’d like. We’ll get them made up and sent out as soon as we can so you can join the juggernaut.

The White Shirt                                            

the white shirt









The Red Shirt

red shirt front-min

red shirt back-min (1)











How the Americans describe the bits and pieces candidates give people to tell people who they are and what and why they’re doing. If you live in Tuggeranong, you may very well find these in your letterbox. These are all double-sided masterpieces but feel free to print out them one or both sides of a piece (even in black and white – all good) and hand them out to all your friends. Please. Name recognition is important in Hare-Clark electoral systems like the ACT’s and right now I am not very recognised.

DL – door knocking and street stalls-compressed









Post Federal election call intro A4.compressed










A5 flyer

11 22










We are giving these away at street stalls and door-knocks. They look nice and if you can spot the critical error in the stickers (and the business cards, but we have remedied that mistake) that we found after receiving our order of 10,000 cards and 1000 stickers we will give you 200 of each as a reward and for lols.

1 2






Vote with Optimisim sticker 1