1 Promise, Strong Focus


HONESTY is not my best policy, it is my ONLY policy.

Everyone who promises to vote for me gets my direct phone number. This means that you call me, as your local candidate, about any issue you have with local government, at any time.

I am not promising I will be able to solve every issue, but I am making ONE promise – I will tell you:

  1. Everything I know about your issue,
  2. Everything I don’t know, and
  3. What I am going to do about it.

This is the only promise I am making as a candidate because I guarantee I will keep it.


As a Type 1 Diabetic I understand exactly how important local health services are. My wellbeing depends upon being able to access high quality health services in a timely manner. Having used Tuggeranong’s health services for years now, I can tell you exactly how they need to be improved.

$90 fees and two hour wait times should be a thing of the past. While the ACT Government has done a good job of addressing these problems, there needs to be more bulk billing and better access to GPs in the Tuggeranong and Lanyon valleys.

This will be one of my primary focuses if elected to office. Not only does this save us tax dollars through the efficiency of preventative initiatives, but makes us happier and Tuggeranong a more desirable place to live.


My two young boys just started at the nearest primary school, just like I did during the 90s before going on to attend Lake Tuggeranong College where my father was a founding teacher.

I found the ACT public school system challenging and rewarding, and I was always encouraged to chase my dreams and take opportunities. ACT public schools have always been well funded, and as a result ACT’s children are some of the best educated in Australia.

However, the landscape of education is changing dramatically. Gone are the blackboards, notebooks and textbooks that we grew up with, now replaced with smartboards, iPads and the internet. If we want our children to get a first rate education, then they need first rate tools, technology and teachers.

We can give them that, and we should give them that. We want the next generation of Australians to be prepared for the jobs market of the future and empowered by what they learn in school.

Community Pride

I want to give people reasons to be proud of living in Tuggeranong. Encouraging thoughtful and strategic business investment in Tuggeranong’s town centres and suburban shops will not only inject cash into the local economy, but also do wonders for Tuggeranong’s community atmosphere. Building more houses and more suburbs – particularly across the Murrumbidgee River – will see new residents flood to the likes of Kingston and Lonsdale Street if they have no reason to stop and shop in Tuggeranong.

10 years ago Lonsdale Street was run nothing but down car yards and a telephone exchange. Kingston foreshore was abandoned. Now they are two of most popular spots in Canberra.

Anketell Street has extraordinary potential. Extremely wide footpaths, multiple parking options, proximity to Lake Tuggeranong, burgeoning apartment complexes, fabulous views along its axis to Mount Tennant and many, many empty and rentable shopfronts. Surely making it easy to rent those spaces and encouraging young, interesting cafes, bars and bakeries would make Tuggeranong a destination for people outside of the Valley, not to mention residents themselves.

Water quality monitoring indicates the highest levels of pollution flowing into Lake Tuggeranong comes from the Kambah and Wanniassa Stormwater Drains. These are old style urban stormwater drains, which means anything that gets into a gutter ends up in the lake. Addressing those drains first by turning them back into natural creeks and/or establishing ponds to enable sediment and organic matter to settle out are excellent first steps that promise real benefits for the Lake’s quality.

Gartside Street in Erindale lacks light, space, safety and carparks. While these issues are addressed in the Erindale Master Plan, there is no timeframe nor any apparent understanding of the issue or how it might be alleviated in the short-term. The area needs short, medium and long-term solutions to be developed and implemented as soon as possible. This has to start with public and transparent discussions between leaseholders, residents and the Government to agree on priorities, strategies and timeframes moving forward.

Business in these districts would be good for everyone. More local jobs, more tax collected for public goods, and a better atmosphere.

Vote Taimus1935222_202523483452816_1252239587133905803_n

Accountability. Integrity. Optimism. Those are three things I can absolutely promise you as your representative.

I will personally respond to real-time concerns of the people of my
electorate. You can be sure of that, because I will give you my direct mobile phone number which you can call at any time, and I will tell you the truth. Always.

I sincerely believe that together we can make Tuggeranong a better place for everyone.















Authorised by Taimus Werner-Gibbings for ACT Labor