Blog Post 2: Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin…(part 1)


Blog Post 2: Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin…(part 1)

The Candidate” actually began in September 2015 when Taimus sent around an email to a few people he thought might be interested.

To wit (and apologies for the redactions but you know, “‘er upstairs an’ all”):


This is a very select, confidential email – not for distribution please – to “a small list of a few intimate friends, a few hundred or so” due to the imploring of one of you “to put together a mailing list and regular memo to supporters regarding your impending run at dictatorship.” (Nb: in this case I am defining supporters as the small number of people who I think may, but may very well not, be interested. If you want off the list, let me know and it’s done). 

I’ve done a small list and it is unlikely to grow and there is every chance said run at dictatorship might sink faster than the Vasa in 1628 (wiki it), or it might come off in a small and modest way. 

Who knows? 

I’m trying to get pre-selected for the electorate of Brindabella (basically the Tuggeranong valley) in Southern Canberra.

There are currently 6 candidates vying for 5 spots on the ALP voting ticket for the electorate so my speculative grenade means a vote is necessary. Which is fine, as is a democratic vote but residual irritation may explain why it felt (though I am fresh at this so I may be wrong) harder then it should have been to get signatures on my nomination form – that and the fact that there are not many declared independent, eligible Labor members in Tuggeranong.

Nonetheless, and a little wiser, I got 8 signatures, three of which I was pretty certain were definitely eligible. Nominations closed on October 21. I must have been OK, because I was accepted and am speaking at a “meet the candidates” forum this Thursday.

Which is good, because there was a meeting of independent candidates hosted by Andrew Leigh the week before last where everyone got a chance to pitch the schtick they are going to use at the “meet the candidates” forums. It was encouraging, convivial, useful and I held my end up when it was my turn, I reckon.

In a week we vote, and those of you who can, should. For me. Please.

No one work too hard.”

So Taimus went through the preselection process. And there was a vote, and there was a result. Which prompted another email.


“Good Evening Everyone

After everything has calmed down and Facebook pages and text messaging thumbs have cooled off somewhat since yesterday evening, I am using this brief moment before the tempest to tell those people – you – who gave me their preselection vote – and some of whom made an extreme personal effort to do so – that I was successful in getting on the ALP ticket for Brindabella as an independent candidate. By 0.5 of a vote.

Which is pretty exciting, but rather close. Still, I am in the same position as if I had won by a hundred votes. 

I’m satisfied, energised and intimidated by the task in front of me and I will be asking some of you – who know who you are – for advice about how to do what’s next and/or help to do it. This may be just the start, or the beginning of the end, of my tilt, but regardless, as the good people who were there from the first, if any of you have any advice, thoughts, questions or concerns about my campaign, Labor’s campaign in Brindabella, or the campaign more broadly, you have only to ask and I will give you what facts I know, and what opinions I hold, straight-up.

Finally, I would love to count on your vote and support at the 2016 election. I need 10000 votes, and with you all and some of my more excited friends, that tally is now less than 9990!

Thank you everyone. I am grateful, humbled and genuinely honoured. I trust you all enjoy a wonderful summer.”

And with that, Taimus’ campaign for election began. Sort-of.

Next post: “Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin…(part 2)

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