Blog Post 1: The Candidate


Blog Post 1: The Candidate

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a candidate in a election?
Like, even in just a little, council-type election? Not much money, local issues, lots of candidates you’ve never heard of for very good reasons?

Well I have. So there.

Why do they do it? And lose. Why do they keep doing it? And keep losing. Where do they get the money, the belief, the time, the DRIVE? And what happens if they win? How do they win? How do they engineer their profile in such crowded market, with no money and very little POP to get them in the papers, when no one is paying attention?

I am sure there is a plenty of other questions I have contemplated but so fleetingly I have forgotten them. No problem now though, because I am a CANDIDATE in a local election in theACT. Pretty sure I’ll have lots of questions for myself.

I am very interested in the candidate experience, particularly because I have no candidate experience. I am writing to answer of the eternal question expressed in the eternal comedy of Monty Python “What’s it like” – the experience, straight-up.

No policies or opeds (well, maybe a couple, that I can’t get published somewhere else on or something like RiotACT), no local thoughts on local issues (I have plenty of those, and good ones, but come and find me at a street stall or I will find you at your door and we can chat about them then and then you can give me your vote), no outraged, overtly political polemics (but seriously, the Canberra Libs? Please). Everyone is doing those sort of earnest epics and this is not the place, nor do I have the time.

Simply my impressions, such as they are, from inside this local campaign – my first and maybe my last if those impressions aren’t all that.

I don’t know what I am going to write, what I am going to write about, or when I am going to write it – but I am aiming at a couple of times a month, give or take.

If anyone reading has questions, you are welcome to ask them. I may have no idea, but I have just become the full bucket on coreflute design, so who knows?

Comment here, on my facebook page, or at the campaign gmail – twg4tugg@ (geddit? Clever, non?).


That’s about it. Welcome to the “The Candidate” by the Candidate.

We’ll Begin. And to do that we need to go back to the start…

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